Death Becometh Her?

As a professional genealogist with an interest in tombstone symbolism – Tee Bylo is a seeker of elusive ancestors and a wanderer of graveyards.

With her passion for family history, storytelling and Victorian crime – Tee is the creative director for The Polite Tourist which offers unique walks through the unquiet streets of York, Scarboro’ and beyond inspired by the unfortunate tales of long-forgotten folk.

And with this love for sharing the stories of others, and her skill for floral design along with a fascination for the evocative language of fauna and flora – Tee now offers herself as a funeral celebrant and florist for SoQuietus.

Tee is also a sometime artist and her work includes ‘Small Worlds’ in 12th scale and figurative clay sculpture.

Tee resides among the many ghosts in her home town of the ancient City of York.

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genealogist. grave hunter.

“If you cannot get rid of the family skeleton, you may as well make it dance.”

~ Bernard Shaw

Is there a genealogical riddle or even an absurdity which has you intrigued or perplexed?

With access to the local repositories and archives throughout North Yorkshire – Tee loves working with those who wish to solve the mysteries of their family history.

Or are you in search of that final resting place of an ancestor from the ancient City of York or beyond?


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